Driving into Indianapolis, Quint, our son Aaron, and I were feeling kind of revved up!

Passing by the Lucas Oil Stadium I was reminded that this was the home to the most famous car race in our country, the Indy 500. Memories of slow-mo Sundays of my youth came to mind. The TV on and my dad watching the sports cars whizzing around the track. We didn’t come to this city to see a race of any kind. Our mission was clear. We were to find a couple of Farm to Table places, have a great lunch, and get back on the road heading home to NY.

We choose Goose the Market because it had such a fun name and also great reviews. The first thing I noticed as we walked in was that there was plenty of action. People sitting on high stools and eating at the counters in the front windows, a long case filled with meats, cheeses and charcuterie that took up most of the store along the left wall.

Over head was an illuminated mobile of antique cheese rings, The case display was exceptional. Everything looked so fresh and abundant. I thought of stores in NYC that I always loved to go to like Eataly, Zabars, Citerella, and Murray’s Cheese shop. Of course Goose the Market was a mere fraction in square footage compared to these great markets back home, but I could tell that the same level of quality and pride was in order here.

Immediately, we were10x’s hungrier than when we arrived. We studied the sandwich board and choose the chicken liver mousse panini, (because If your going put something like that on the menu its gotta be good, and it was!)  and the country ham and cheese.

The baguette had a fine crust, nice moist pockets inside and great flavor. Everything was delicious. Aaron had some amazing gelato. All the flavors looked very temping to me but I stayed strong.

The Staff was super friendly. Quint talked to a young man named Jordan about his FTTUS site and left his information packet. Jordan in turn told us about how most of all of the items in the store, meats, cheeses, breads and gelato are grown and produced locally. When we arrived home I wrote to Mollie and Chris, the owners, briefed them on who we were and thanked them for their efforts and expertise. Mollie sent us a list of the many farms and local purveyors they do business with. She also answered some questions we sent about Goose the Market and what makes them tick. Mollie’s comments to follow…

“Growing up in Indianapolis, Chris’ first kitchen gig at the local Sahms restaurant inspired his taste for a professional food career. After culinary school and college, he cooked for award winning restaurants in Chicago before celebrated chefs like Rick Tramanto and Gale Gand tapped Chris to open restaurants and create menus. In 2007, Chris and his wife Mollie returned home to Indianapolis to open Goose the Market, a neighborhood full-service butcher shop and specialty food and wine market, before opening the Smoking Goose in 2011.”

Recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal among the top “40 under 40” entrepreneurs in 2011, Chris was also recently featured in the Indianapolis Star as one of the top ten entrepreneurs to watch in 2012.(I think he should be watched in 2015 as well) His work behind the counter at Goose the Market and Smoking Goose have brought him features in national publications like Bon Appetite, The New York Times, and Food and Wine.
From one kitchen to another, what’s always remained on Chris’ plate is his commitment to bringing farmstead, artisanal foodstuffs from the field to the table. Although Chris’ kitchen experience has taken him down paths near and far, he knows that the shortest road between the farm and the plate makes for the most delicious meal. Opening his award winning shops in his native Indiana means he gets to work with local Hoosier producers who care as much about their land and their animals as Chris does about our dinner on the table. That keeps him hungry, and close to home.

We thank Mollie and Chris for their commitment to all things tasty and keeping it as local as they can. For this reason we would like to crown them Farm to Table Champions!

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Thank you Quint Smith