What are the benefits of FarmToTableUS.com?

  • Imagine, being able to find a source for almost anything you needed for your existing farm to table based business. Even better, a site that would have all the best local sources that you would need to open your new business.
  • How about a place where chefs, farmers, cheese makers, brewers, bakers and more all come together to share, brag, buy, shoot the breeze, educate, connect, find and build their community.
  • How great would it be to be part of movement that has a platform specially designed for the voices of ALL the players in the world of farm to table. The strength of this united voice will be all embracing!
  • All of this will be accompanied with a very cool app.
  • Think about the benefits of having every cell phone user with the FTTUS App able to locate any of the FTTUS members’ Restaurants, Farmers’ Markets or Farms within close proximity of their location anywhere in the United States.    That means money! (Coming in 2016)


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“It sounds cool, that farmtotableUS could help to create a new and symbiotic relationships in the farm to table food industry”
Tim Slavin
“Farmers and chefs tend to take parallel paths.”
Mimi Edelman