the Future of our supermarkets

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Mushroom Packaging

This is very cool You need to see this.

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Screening of   “King Corn –  you are what you Eat” Peabody Award-winning King Corn, which looks at how government subsidies and industrialization in corn growth have affected farming (and eating) in the United States."

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What happens when the water goes?

Please read this article and take a long hard look at your refrigerator and Freezer. Secret government report warns of 'potentially catastrophic' water crisis More [...]

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Butterfly Fields Forever

This is a interesting article produced by Modern Farmer Magazine. If Each farmer/grower that had a stretch of land that could be set aside for [...]

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Even if you were not able to sign this petition before the vote today please read about this and let your Senator know how you [...]

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farmtotableUS blog

Thank you Matt Weingarten, for sharing this article. I think this is just one more area where the world of business is trying to dupe [...]

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Artisanal Producers


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Hello this is a resent blog posted by my friend Pat Beck of New England Grass Fed Beef. I think this information is pertinent to [...]

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